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Knitting and Crochet Lovers

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This community was created due to the fact that the knitting community I was in didn't allow posts about crochet, and the crochet communities I found directed knitters to their own communities. This all seemed weird to me, cause basically they are the same type of craftsmen (or women..), right? I know _I_ do both, not only separately, but sometimes also together in the one and same project.

In this community both knitters and crochet people are welcome. Post pics of your latest project, ask for advice, share patterns or just have coffee ;-)

I see many communities have rules, I don't like them all that much, but try to be nice to each other and try to post large pictures under cuts and we'll be ok I think. If you do encounter any posts you don't find suitable for this community, or offensive in any way, please contact the maintainer by email

(maintainer, btw, is swedish so nuances may sometimes get lost in translation ;-)